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The Greenwood's Coney Island Blog

May 8, 2017


My grandson and I are in the business of making a real tasty hot dog sauce.  So why write a blog about this sauce. Well I guess you would think it would be to sell more of the stuff. But actually it’s to let people know that such a product exist. I’ve been in lumber sales for the past forty seven years and before that I was in the Army.  Before that I took a stab at college but the lure of foreign travel was too much of a temptation.

When I was in Viet-Nam a many years ago we had what I would consider the worst lunches in the world, known as C-rations.  They were truly despicable things, with such entrees as ham and lima beans and canned scrambled eggs.  We sometimes got a chance to heat them up, but often ate them cold.


One of the guys in my platoon got a magazine from home and in it was a recipe for C-ration pizza.  If you were lucky enough to get the box with spiced beef you were on your way to a culinary delight.  You sliced the canned white bread into four equal slices and placed one slice in the bottom of the white bread can and one in the bottom of your spiced beef can and put a layer of spiced beef on each piece and then the other slices of white bread followed by more spiced beef and you topped off each can with a half can of cheese that came it pretty much every box of rations.  Then you place the two cans into the empty C-ration box and with your trusty Zippo you set fire to the box.  When it was done it made two cans of pretty good, and very edible pizza.  It was a way to turn something not so good into something a lot better.


This brings me to the reason for the little war story.  Now I like hot dogs pretty much any way that I have eaten them, but when you put our hot dog sauce on a dog it turns into something that is awesome.  Our 4 oz. package makes in excess of 10 serving and that’s if you really load them up with the sauce.  The sauce is also great a a dip for corn chips.  Some folks like their burgers with the sauce on them and it’s also yummy on French fries.  If you have left over’s you can add a can of beans (I like Great Northern White Beans), but any beans are good, then a can of diced tomatoes. Heat it up and there you have a great tasting chili.


My eight year old granddaughter loves these dogs and perhaps people are just being nice, but of all the people that we have had taste them we have had only a few people say they didn’t care for them. That’s only a few non-believers out of hundreds!


So if you are in a hurry and would like a truly inexpensive and tasty meal you might want to give us a try.  We started this about four years ago and had the sauce mix in several stores, but I must say I kind of dropped the ball and concentrated on selling lumber, you know, to pay the bills and such.  But now Chase has started to get serious about selling the sauce again and we hope to be back in stores soon.  You can buy the sauce online and and it is still in some stores, and we will be adding stores that sell our sauce to our website as soon as we sell a new store.


If you can get your local grocery store to carry the sauce we will send you a package for free and then you will be able to buy at the store the next time you get the urge for the Coney Dogs, or fries, or chips, or burgers, or chili.  You get the drift.  So if you get a store to carry it just have them call the president of marketing, Chase Unger at 503 502 8515 or email at and he will be happy to hook you up with the sauce.


Seeing as how this is the first blog that I have attempted please let me know if you have other things that you may be interested in, like stories out of the fifties and so on. I have a ton of those that I would love to share, not all pertaining to hot dogs, but a lot pertaining to life.


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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