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Here we have a collection of all the recipes that we have come up with ourselves, or our fans have sent us. Please enjoy this collection we have created and please send us any recipes that you have created on your own!

3 in 1 Rub, Shake, & mix

Our best 

So many uses for this 3 in 1 product. It's a rub and shake, and an incredible sauce and chili mix!

Coney Chili

Fan Favorite

Best use for your leftover Coney Sauce!


Tortilla chips, Doritos, french fries, onion rings, you name it its gonna be great dipped in Coney Sauce!

If these recipes inspire you, please share your experience with others through our Facebook account! If these few ideas inspired you to try something new please let us know so that we can share your recipes with others!

Coney Island Hot Dog

The Original

Where it all began, bun, hotdog, mustard, Greenwood's Coney Island sauce, with chopped onion on top. Try this recipe first!