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3 in 1 Rub, shake, & mix

It's a Dry Rub, and Shake, and an Incredible Hot Dog Sauce and Chili Mix!

There are endless ways to use our 3 in 1. These are some of the more popular ones.

First and for most it is great on meat products.  Steaks, roasts, chops, chicken (Whole or pieces) , and ribs,  especially good on baby back ribs.  Just a light layer and BBQ.  No need for sauce, they taste great.

Also is good on salmon, with a light layer of Greenwoods and a light layer of Best Foods mayo on the BBQ makes a very tasty dish.

The recipe for the Coney Island Sauce and chili are on the label. Both of these are very easy and very quick. The Coney Sauce is also good as a dip, and on fries or burgers.

Another great fish dish with the 3 in 1 is a beer batter for deep frying.  Just add 6 tsp of 3 in 1 to 1 cup of flour and add beer to desired consistency (About 1 ½ cups.) Good for fish, shrimp and chicken strips. This is also good for onion rings and other vegetables.

It makes a great seasoning for tacos.  No need to buy taco seasoning because 3 in 1 makes a great taco seasoning.

Wrap Vegetables in tin foil after a light shake of 3 in 1 and add olive oil and put on BBQ.  These come out great.

Fry potatoes, onions, or mushrooms in olive oil and 3 in 1.

It is good to use on wild game as well.

If you have any ideas you think of please let us know, and we can feature your recipe on our website!