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Thanks for taking the time to visit Greenwood's Specialty Foods web page. We have put a great deal of effort into bringing you what we believe to be the best tasting Coney Island Sauce on the market. Our 3 in 1 Rub, Shake, & Mix is a one of a kind product. It has taken several months of trial and error to get just the right taste. The combination of spices that gives Greenwoods it’s unique taste has to be mixed in a precise manner. Don’t take our word for it, give it a try.

A Bit About Us

Our Story

Sometime in the late 70’s my wife and I started a little hamburger joint in Oregon City, OR. We made ice cream and served burgers, fries, and hot dogs. My mom, Alma Greenwood, came up with a Coney Island Sauce and it was really tasty. When we sold the place a couple years later I put the sauce idea on the back burner for the next several years. Having lost the recipe upon closing I spent about 20 years trying to re-create the stuff. I finally came up with the current mix in 2011 and have been producing and selling it mostly over the internet and at some local stores. We now have a high production facility to package the sauce mix and produce it in large quantities. We are very proud of this product. We hope to bring our sauce to everyone who enjoys hot dogs.

OUR sauce

Our sauce is very tasty, and super easy to prepare, takes less than ten minutes for a very inexpensive meal for ten people!

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